New factory construction underway

Posted on April 11th, 2018

Work has begun on our new factory beside the A14 at Claydon.

Following detailed soil sampling and initial groundwork, pile driving is underway to establish foundations for the 300mm thick reinforced concrete slab that will form the base of the new building.

Pile driving specialists Van Elle are using the Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) technique which is one of the quietest piling solutions available and is virtually vibration free, making it ideal for working in close proximity to existing buildings, in residential or in environmentally sensitive areas. The piles can also be installed without the need for casing, bentonite or polymers in a range of soil types.

CFA Piles are produced by drilling into the ground with a hollow stemmed auger to the required depth. Soil travels up the flights while concrete is pumped into the pile. Steel reinforcement can then be inserted into the concrete pile to the required depth. 

The new building will enable us to increase capacity in a modern factory with excellent transport links to the A14, A140, A12 and major routes into East and West Suffolk.