Factory floor is a mega pour

Posted on June 22nd, 2018

Work on our new factory beside the A14 at Claydon is continuing on schedule.

A matrix of steel mesh has been formed above the piles to reinforce a 300 mm thick concrete floor slab.  

The slab has been created in three stages, each requiring a continuous pour of 190 m3of RC35 pump mix. This volume of concrete needed approximately 30 truck loads per day, delivered accurately to each area of the slab by a boomed concrete pump. As the concrete was poured it was vibrated and levelled before being given a polished power float finish around four hours later.

Concrete was supplied and laid by Eastern Counties Concrete from the company’s Stowmarket plant.

When fully cured the slab will support the steel frame for our new factory.

The new building will enable us to increase capacity in a modern factory with excellent transport links to the A14, A140, A12 and major routes into East and West Suffolk.