Integrated attic trusses

When the owners of a new-build in the village of Capel St Mary, Suffolk looked at the potential of an attic floor they were faced with the common problem of where to put the services. 

In a conventional build, the services are placed in the triangular void at the edge of the roof and must then be run between the rafters, in the case of wiring, or brought back at right angles between the floor joists and up into the attic room, in the case of plumping fittings. This is often awkward and complex. 

A metal web floor add rigidity to the floor and provides space for services to be run easily between the metal webs. Insulation - which may also aid sound proofing - can also be added.

As the entire fabrication is completed in the factory it is quick and easy to install on site, as the project in Capel St Mary demonstrates.

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